Letters to the Editor

'Police' tax going where it should

The letter "Manteca squandering 'police' tax" (Sept. 14) included incorrect information about the city of Manteca's "police" tax.

Manteca voters in 2006 approved a half- cent sales tax increase, with all funds earmarked specifically for "public safety" -- police and fire. The city received its first installment of these funds in April. The funds have been, and will continue to be, solely used to pay for additional (cannot supplant existing positions and equipment) police and fire personnel and equipment. The expenditure plan that was included with the adoption of this tax calls for the hiring of five police officers and three firefighters in the first year, and more in subsequent years. All three firefighters and all five police officers from the first year's funding have been hired.

The city is legally required to spend this sales tax revenue on public safety only. Any financial assistance provided to commercial developments has come from redevelopment funds -- which cannot be used to hire police and fire personnel.


city manager