Letters to the Editor

Bush disconnected with the reality of Iraq

Why would any intelligent American still believe the propaganda that continues to come from this president?

The same administration that led us to war with manipulated intelligence lies about the links between Saddam Hussein and Sept. 11, the falsehoods of weapons of mass destruction and continues to mislead the American people.

Now death by car bombs doesn't count toward the death toll in Iraq?

Mr. President, you truly are disconnected from reality and our troops are dying for your failed policy. Mr. Bush, you are out of political capital and credibility with the majority of the American people and the world.

Write to Congress and demand that this administration and this president be held accountable for the good of our country and our brave men and women who have completed their mission in Iraq.

I think most Americans would actually agree with you for once, Mr. President -- "Mission Accomplished." Now bring our troops home.