Letters to the Editor

Democrats want to win election, not war

I have lived in this country for more than 70 years and never have I seen a political party wanting to lose in a war just to win an election. It seems the Democratic leaders are doing their best to achieve this shameful act. What they did to Gen. David Petraeus in that congressional hearing was a form of treason -- talking to that good man as if he was a liar and taking his talking points from the White House. None of the Democrats running for president said that the terrible blog message that called him "General Betray Us" was wrong. I find that appalling.

We need strong leaders, not a bunch of un-American wannabes wanting to give in to the far left.

We have to stand united. This isn't George Bush's war, it's America's war. These same congresspeople voted to go to war with Iraq; now they can't wait to surrender.