Letters to the Editor

Worker help measure is underfunded

Regarding "Feds deny funds for Hershey workers" (Sept. 13, Page A-1): It is extremely disturbing, but not surprising, that the workers at the Hershey plant are not getting the help they need from the Bush administration's Department of Labor.

The Trade Adjustment Act, which was designed to help workers whose jobs are being lost to trade and offshoring, is underfunded and constantly subject to budget cuts. I am also concerned that county work force officials are asking for help from the 19th Congressional District's George Radanovich who, according to the AFL-CIO Web site, has one of the worst voting records in Congress when it comes to pro-worker and pro-union bills. I noted that Radanovich did not comment himself on the Hershey worker's plight, but had a spokesman speak for him. Perhaps the county officials would have better luck contacting the 18th Congressional District's Dennis Cardoza, who has a great record of voting on pro-working families issues.