Letters to the Editor

Blame thief, not the victims

I had to respond to "Next time, take purses with you" (Sept. 11, Letters). While I agree that because of our society's crime problem it isn't safe to leave personal belongings unattended in vehicles, I was appalled by the tone of the letter, which indicated that the blame be placed on the victims.

Maybe the writer has never been a victim of crime. Many others aren't so fortunate. I have had two vehicles broken into. In the first instance, there was nothing in the car to steal except a factory-installed stereo. The thief couldn't get the stereo, but destroyed it and my dashboard trying. In the second instance, the thief had to press his or her face against my tinted rear window to see my purse that was underneath the seat.

Smashing a vehicle window to steal another's personal belongings is a crime, and the blame should be placed on the person committing that crime.