Letters to the Editor

Article demoralizes police

The article "Ceres police kill armed man" (Aug. 11, Page A-1) dismays me. Citing a provocative reenactment of the circumstances surrounding the capture and shooting of the suspect stand out as both irresponsible and inappropriate.

Printing such questionable material appears to serve no purpose other than to create an atmosphere of distrust and suspicion. Today, law enforcement is contending with increasingly violent situations spurred by drugs, gangs and a general disrespect for law. The critique of police by lay individuals who do not understand police procedures and tactics only exacerbates the issue.

It's astonishing how The Bee always seems to turn the successful apprehension of dangerous suspects into one of confrontation, and it's a disservice to our community and both disrespectful and demoralizing to the understaffed and underpaid peace officers protecting our citizens. Ceres Police Chief Art de Werk has every right to be incensed at the media for this conduct.