Letters to the Editor

Nobody is rehabbed in prisons

"Consider life term your rehab" (Sept. 1, Letters) responded to someone facing life in prison for a $32 theft. That is not what California taxpayers thought they were voting for when they approved the three strikes law. Spend your tax dollars for this, not mine!

The California Department of Corrections recently added "rehabilitation" to its name. That's another lie, as who the heck is being rehabilitated in prison? They are simply being warehoused. Most prisons are 2½ times over capacity. Is this unsafe? Absolutely, not only for all the inmates, which we know the public has no empathy for, but also for all staff.

Another letter writer ("Safety first: More gun permits," Sept. 1, Letters) suggests blowing someone away.

The lack of empathy in this county constantly amazes me. They want everyone in prison because they, their family members or friends have not, and never will, break a law or get in trouble or simply make a mistake.

I've lived enough years to know we are not perfect and people do things they regret, and yes, even make a mistakes or bad choices. I've also seen people change and grow and believe everyone should have that chance.