Letters to the Editor

Time to abolish Electoral College

Efforts are under way to modify the Electoral College in California in hopes that electoral votes will better represent their constituencies. It's not fair that one candidate should receive all electoral votes in a state that is closely divided. However, the concept of fair representation is not consistent with the rationale for an Electoral College. This system is sustained, in part, by the belief that voters aren't sufficiently informed or capable of choosing the best candidate. I suggest that no group of voters is more qualified than the general electorate in making these choices, and that our current system encourages voter apathy, misrepresentation and a weakening of our democracy.

The Electoral College overrode the majority of voters in 2000, resulting in an administration that rivals few in terms of cronyism, dishonesty, constitutional abuses, increasing wage and class disparities, and very poor international relations, featuring a president who is clearly more capable of running his ranch than the United States of America. It is my hope that the Electoral College will be abolished. The health of our democracy is at stake.