Letters to the Editor

Lantos' remarks disgust veteran

I was appalled and disgusted with Rep. Tom Lantos' opening remarks to Gen. Petraeus. Basically he called the general a liar and he had not heard one word of his report.

We got to see San Francisco values and logic in action and it was not pretty. I get the impression that when things go well in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Democrats are unhappy. When things go poorly, there is an air of satisfaction out of the left.

This is a strange, small, intense and nasty little war. A very small percent of Americans have shouldered the responsibility to defeat a cruel, brutal and determined enemy. They have attacked us here in America several times and if they smell success, they will be emboldened to attack us in a more brutal fashion!

The idea that a politician like Lantos would belittle a true American hero like Petraeus has to give a boost to the morale of the terrorists. I served 27 years in the U.S. Army. I dealt with members of Congress and many of their staff. Never did I see such a disrespectful attitude.


retired colonel, U.S. Army