Letters to the Editor

Downtown growth a balancing act

I want to commend Chris Murphy and Chris Ricci for their continuing efforts to build downtown Modesto into an entertainment district that is diverse and exciting.

At the same time, I want to commend Police Chief Roy Wasden for being properly concerned that too much of a nightclub party scene can negate advances in the downtown, as well as stress police resources. Perhaps a more comprehensive permit system for new clubs and authorization of dancing is needed, but it must not be bureaucratic and cumbersome. It must also recognize that there is increasing interest in supporting, expanding, and enhancing venues for grown-ups who come downtown for fine dining, art shows, theater, and jazz, blues, and classic rock 'n' roll offerings. That trend must be encouraged in every way possible.

I am confident that all interested parties and City Council members will find common ground. We are all working in the same direction for the same goals, to ensure downtown Modesto thrives and becomes the jewel of the valley.