Letters to the Editor

Jobs go overseas, middle class loses

In stores around town, you seldom find "made in USA." Most of our jobs are offshore, or across our southern border. The large corporations seeking cheap labor have turned their backs on the American worker. Housing and auto sales are down. It's no wonder; there are few good-paying jobs left in the U.S. to support those kind of purchases. We are fast becoming a nation of the working poor and the rich, with not many of the middle class left.

The unions made the bulk of the middle class and they now represent only 10 percent of the work force. I am 74, held a union job for 42 years, and am receiving the benefits of my union association.

Look what's in store for our young people: Hershey closing in Oakdale, with almost 600 good-paying jobs gone south. Canneries in Modesto, Riverbank and surrounding areas closing, more good jobs gone, and with those jobs go, for many, the loss of the American dream.

I thank the Democrats and Republicans for this dilemma; they are all in on it. Now Presidente Calderón is saying Mexico does not stop at the U.S. border, "where there is a Mexican there is Mexico." What nonsense.