Letters to the Editor

Laws aren't built to foster truth

Jeff Jardine wrote a long article with lots of information regarding the black community and real or perceived discriminatory actions against it.

Greg Savage of Christ Unity Church states, "We have a whole generation separated from what the truth is. The political correctness that allows people to say, 'The truth for me isn't the truth for you.' " But there's only one truth. We're so worried about offending people that we don't tell the truth."

Perhaps looking at society, we can see where this sentiment may have come from. Most people realize that the rule of law and justice, which this country espouses its principles on, is more of an advertising campaign, not necessarily the truth. Anyone who has been to court for a traffic ticket, divorce, lawsuit or even jury duty can plainly see that the court system is not for the average person, but for lawyers, judges and those who can afford to hire them.

In addition, the rule of law appears to be written by or for special interests, not for the majority. Tax breaks for large corporations; laws capping damages for malpractice, auto injury lawsuits, etc. yet nary a rate decrease; bankruptcy laws that only favor financial institutions; an assistant district attorney caught driving under the influence that serves no jail time. The statement is true.