Letters to the Editor

Hyphy encourages kids to hate

Jeff Jardine is one of the best news writers in the state, but he sure missed the mark with "What's changed since hyphy bust?" (Sept. 9, Page B-1). Rather than being a racial thing, it's the music. The music encourages hatred of the police and it degrades women, especially black women.

When the kids reach the midteens, they stop listening to parental advice. The attitudes promoted by their peer groups and their music dominate their behavior.

When riot and injury occur at a party, it is the responsibility of the police to intervene. Chief Roy Wasden did the right thing in handling the problem and the aftermath. I hope the "hyphy" crowd will find another city to act out what their music teaches them to do.

I challenge any news reporter to print some of this music using only the first letter and dashes on the unprintable words. We'll see how long you hold your job.