Letters to the Editor

Thanks for unearthing 'the truth'

I have always believed that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and thousands of other members of the world's press corp report the real unabridged news and that Fox News, owned and controlled by conservative Rupert Murdoch and managed by Republican operative Roger Ailes, is a propaganda machine whose main purpose is to do damage control for the Bush administration.

Well, now I know through "You can't handle the truth," (Sept. 5, Letters) that I've been wrong lo these many years. The writer says Fox is for people who can think for themselves. Well, he has convinced me of the error of my ways; yet, one thing does still mystify me. When I placed Fox News on one side of the fair and balanced weight scale and the world's press on the other side, Fox News seemed a smidgen light. Could I be wrong again? I don't know. Ever since I read that letter, I've lost the ability to think for myself.