Letters to the Editor

Prison inmates do have it rough

I'm responding to "Prisoners don't have it so bad" (Sept. 8, Letters): I'm a prisoner and have been since October 2003. Life in here is hard for us and our loved ones who are supportive of us. I'm not saying we are innocent people, but we're human.

The big difference in here is we sleep in a 6 x 12 cell with another person. It's 103 degrees outside and it's even hotter inside with no air conditioning. We pay for medical care at a cost of $2 per visit and it takes two weeks to be seen. We don't have cable and the TV channels we have suck. The legal counsel isn't anything; that's why there are so many people incarcerated. I want your readers to know I'm sorry for the whole inmate population from U.S. to China, but prisoners do have it bad.