Letters to the Editor

Theater production should be postponed

I was very disappointed that the premier of Modesto Performing Art's "Peter Pan" was cancelled and even more shocked when I found out why. Randi Linee, who plays the lead role of Peter, had broken her arm in three places requiring surgery and rods inserted.

This accident occurred during rehearsal while she was being suspended in her harness and slammed into something. Although it was an accident, it wasn't the first incident like this. She has been dropped several other times. Randi has trained and rehearsed for many months and this was her dream role. MPA should cancel all remaining performances, hire a professional company for the flying scenes and wait for Randi to fully recover. Randi is Modesto's gem. Not only is she an incredible performer and the only reason why I had purchased tickets, but also she is a role model and teacher to hundreds of local children who anxiously awaited her performance.