Letters to the Editor

Mountain Springs: Baloney for sale

"Mountain Springs would help Sonora" (Aug. 28, Letters) is based on a fairy tale of the developers' grandiose imaginations. The developers are not planning to improve roads or add firefighters, emergency services, law enforcement and jobs. They expect Tuolumne County to come up with all of these things after they make their killing on their McMansions. The kinds of long-term jobs which will be created will be service jobs catering to the wealthy folks who can afford to live there.

For the record: The food market the letter mentions didn't close for lack of customers.

Anyone who believes Mountain Springs' line of baloney is either one of them or expects to make a profit from their project.

The negatives of Mountain Springs far outweigh any benefit for the surrounding area and current inhabitants. I know because I grew up on a neighboring ranch. My family still tries to run the ranch and is covertly being crowded out by the likes of Mountain Springs.