Letters to the Editor

We should help native-born students

I was appalled that California is appropriating millions for Latino students to attend the University of California at Merced. No other country would do something like that.

An Aug. 6 article ("Big bucks for books," Page B-1) stated that many students are struggling to buy books and working two jobs to attend college. Why isn't the government giving money to poor students native to the United States? The law says that if you're here illegally, you are not an immigrant. One doesn't see illegal immigrants from Greece or Ireland, or illegal Assyrians crying all the time.

In Mexico, immigration laws state no special bilingual programs in the schools. There are no special ballots, and government business is conducted in Spanish. Foreigners do not have the right to vote, no matter how long they live there. There is no welfare, food stamps, free health care or government assistance for foreigners. They may not protest or fly the U.S. flag. If you do, you will be sent back to the States. If you enter Mexico illegally, you'll be hunted down and sent to jail.

If Mexicans want to work here, have a guest worker program -- let them work six months and go home.