Letters to the Editor

Republicans turning into scumbags

What happened to the conservatives of the Republican Party? When I think of conservatives, I think of people like Alex P. Keaton on "Family Ties" with his briefcase, talking of tax breaks, junk bonds, and mergers and acquisitions. I used to think of frugal, responsible people doing the right thing. Now as I listen to the news and read the papers, the conservatives are cast in a more sinister light. Scandal, lies, mass deception and hypocrisy are the rule of the day. It is hard to believe so many are fooled by these people.

Karl Rove, political guru -- how can he live with himself after the lies about John Kerry (swift boat) Max Cleland (triple amputee and Vietnam vet) and John McCain (Navy pilot, prisoner of war and conservative Republican)? This new breed of conservative knows no bounds; rules are for losers.