Letters to the Editor

Nothing changes at shelter

Mike McFarland is much like most bureaucrats I've met before. He wants his desk clean, then he can get started being a good guy/administrator/humanitarian. To accomplish that, he must eliminate existing "inventory" right away. And of course, "This wasn't of my doing; it was like this when I got here. I'm just trying to fix it." (The likes of which you've heard before, no?)

Dear Susan Robinson: It's not about doing the right thing; it's about gettin' 'er done. Stop being so logical. You can't fix it, and you're just making yourself all stressed out. Nothing's going to change, it never does. This is government we're talking about here. And you sound like you're expecting government to fix it. Government expected to fix itself ... ? I don't know; sounds like you're barking up the wrong tree (pun).

P.S. I'm on your side. I just don't expect anything; I work for the government.