Letters to the Editor

Focus energy on Mexico

The Republican Party has suddenly appealed to the voters with its grandstanding against immigration.

Such actions are an irony, as the Republican Congress for the past 12 years has ignored the issue until it became popular to deliver the current rhetoric.

The United States needs to take a more courageous stand by focusing its efforts toward rebuilding our neighbor to the south. Our country demonstrated spectacular performance with the reconstruction of Europe and Japan after World War II.

Our efforts need to begin with a war on drugs and stop the flow from Mexico. If the Mexican government does not want to fully cooperate, we can send our troops.

After we defeat the enemy, we will rebuild our southern neighbor and create an economy that will keep the people closer to their homes. If people can find work locally, they will not continue to immigrate.

A good example is the lack of immigration to the United States from affluent societies.

If we continue to beat our heads on the wall at the border we will accomplish nothing more than political bantering. It is about time we took advantage of the resources of Mexico, such as rich soil, timber, oil, an attractive climate for tourism and, most important, a people who are hardworking when opportunities are available.

Wake up, America, and develop resources that will improve the infrastructure for all of North America. It is time to stop wasting our time and money on Iraq that was a diversion from attacking al-Qaida in Afghanistan. We will improve our quality of life when we contribute to a more successful society with our southern neighbors.