Letters to the Editor

Put Vick, DMX in ring with dogs

It seems that each week we hear about another star who takes delight in training dogs to fight and kill each other. Pit bulls have a very undeserved name as a mean dog when in fact they are usually docile, happy family dogs. When people like Michael Vick or rapper DMX promote the fighting of these dogs, they accomplish two things: They destroy great dogs and they show the world that money rules and with money and status they feel that society's rules do not apply to them.

Maybe Vick or DMX would like to spend a few minutes in the ring with the dogs they so cruelly trained to kill and see how it feels to be ripped apart. Maybe then they would understand what the poor animal feels. These people are past being simply mean; they're sick and deserve the maximum sentence. It's time to hit them where they hurt the most, in the pocketbook and by taking away their personal freedom for a while. Fans need to think about who their heroes really are when they buy a football jersey or a CD.