Letters to the Editor

Story about Gonzales shows Bee bias

The Aug. 28 article on the competence of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales ("Bush's circle of advisers dwindles," Page A-1) showed your bias for the liberal side. The front page should be news and facts, not opinion.

Gonzales fired nine U.S. attorneys because his staff felt they were weak performers. Your two articles pictured Gonzales as incompetent and politically biased.

You ignore the fact that the attorney general is appointed by the president, serves at the president's pleasure, and is part of the executive department, which is at this time is Republican and in fact has a political opinion. Our government is meant to be one of checks and balances. We have a liberal legislature and a somewhat liberal judicial department, to balance a conservative executive department.

Gonzales supported surveillance of al-Qaida suspects. You say Gonzales supports spying on American citizens. I think that's a biased and misleading statement.