Letters to the Editor

Modest dress says it's not all about sex

In "Girls' modesty movement is all about boys" (Sept. 1, Page B-7), Anne Ream purports to be concerned with the "empowerment" of girls and women. To give in to current "modesty movements" will result in a setback for womankind, she tells us. But what is her real message?

Simply put, she tells us that women must dress immodestly to gain power in the world, as against men who apparently can dress however they wish. The message is similar to today's pop psychologists and pop religionists who see morality as a detraction from freedom.

Modest dress for either sex is actually just our acknowledgment that we are not all about sex -- that there is something more to the dignity of the human person than to be the object of desire they become when they sublimate their shame for notoriety.

Again, as in the pro-choice lie our society sells to women, Ream sees "freedom" for women in their continued slavery to immorality. Women and men alike could use real role models, not a false sense of freedom.