Letters to the Editor

Landowners deserve city notification

Planning for Livingston sewer expansion on adjacent private property without public input is blatantly irresponsible and damaging. My parents live in a 1920s farmhouse just outside the city limits and have lived there since 1960. Their property was recently identified as a possible future site for a sewer pond as much as 40 years from now. They were not notified of any plan to expand the city boundary to include their property.

Planners, developers and their consultants met to optimize the infrastructure to provide for development without my parents' knowledge or input. State law provides for notice to property owners affected by city expansion. Needless to say, the simple identification of their property has reduced its value to any possible buyer who would seek to use it for its highest and best use, which is currently and for the next 30 to 40 years, a home.

I am appalled by the carelessness of the city staff in not giving proper notice. Liken this to your neighbor of 30 years hiring an architect to draw plans for a remodel of your house that he may want to buy, someday. How would you feel?


San Luis Obispo