Letters to the Editor

Understanding Mother Teresa's doubt

Regarding "Mother Teresa's letters reveal struggle with faith" (Aug. 25, Page G-3): I think everyone honored Mother Teresa, Catholics and non-Catholics. As she worked with these destitute children, I'm sure it became overwhelming that there were so many. I can understand how she could lose her faith in her God who could do all things. Why didn't he do anything?

God does care. He uses people to do his work. He used her. We all agonize over all of the poverty in the world, but we all can do something to help alleviate the misery; the rich and not so rich, even I in my old age, can do something. There are many organizations in the world who are to be praised, but there are never enough.

We can pray that God, in his mercy, will touch lives to help feed and care for the children and the poor. That would be our greatest legacy to Mother Teresa. I doubt if she ever lost faith in her God.