Letters to the Editor

It's positively insane to keep funding this losing war

On Aug. 22, Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was quoted lashing out, saying no one has the right to impose timetables on his elected government and that his country "can find friends elsewhere." Can he find any other intractable president who sends his people to die daily for a lost cause for someone who "allows the Americans to stay in his country"?

Aug. 28: He takes credit for the "positive developments" in the security situation, denigrating the coalition troops once again.

Al-Maliki is aligning himself with Iran while we beg to allow our troops to die for something we cannot fix. Impeach Bush and Cheney for their lies, their cover-ups and their total disregard for our constitution! These two megalomaniacs must be reined in!

Aug. 29: Bush wants $50 billion added to the $460 billion in the fiscal defense budget and $147 billion in a supplemental bill to fund the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Think of the food, education and medical care this money would be to benefit Americans. A billion is $100 million, folks. It's being poured down the proverbial rathole while our country's reputation is in the toilet.