Letters to the Editor

We seem doomed to repeat Vietnam -- again and again

I am writing about how pathetic America is becoming. I think this is mainly because of our meaningless, foolish war against Iraq. We are only making our country open to more Vietnam-like wars, and will lose control of our country's leadership in the world.

Our defense budget is going to bankrupt our country. We will be left with the awful choice of either funding our already bloated, enormous military budget or cutting necessary, vital social programs. Maybe there is still hope for us if we realize that we Americans are not necessarily in the right and certainly are not better than smaller, nonmilitary-oriented countries.

We should see our own faults and how we Americans can help the world. We as a nation can only show the nations of the world how people that are different in terms of culture, religions, ethnic backgrounds and money status can live together in a peaceful way. If we fail, we as Americans can only go the same way Greece and the Roman Empire went.

Please listen, America, and save yourselves and help save our world.