Letters to the Editor

We're staying the course of injustice and chaos

As Sept. 11 comes near, it is time to ask ourselves: Where are we today as a country? Are we closer to freedom?

We, the people of the United States, have attacked a country for no reason. Was it to show the world that we can do anything we want? We have an administration that was elected to run our government with honesty and care, and what we have is a president and company making their own rules for us and for the world.

We, as a country, used to have people look to us for justice and caring, but that is gone now. We have sent our most precious young to fight an unjust war, put them in the middle of a civil war, offered them much money to fight -- for what? President Bush and his empire? For freedom? Are we free from terror? Or have we created more terror?

As innocent people from Iraq try to flee to other countries, the U.S. is not even living up to its honor. We accepted maybe 700 people from Iraq, whereas the countries in the Middle East have accepted millions. It is time for us to think about our future and the future of the world. We must take a different path and stop believing our leaders when they say, "stay the course." It is time to return to peace and justice for all.