Letters to the Editor

Turlock council helping homeless

I have become interested in the plight of the homeless in Turlock and attended the recent City Council meeting addressing the cold-weather shelter for these unfortunate folks. The council should be commended on tackling this problem while the weather is still sweltering. My understanding is that a shelter is a logistic nightmare, requiring careful attention to safety, liability, economic, mental health and medical issues. The additional lead time that the providers will have this year will be sorely needed to run the shelter in an efficient/economical manner.

The council's timely actions take on a special significance this year with the subprime financial mess forcing Turlock families into foreclosure, bankruptcy and in some cases onto the street. These citizens deserve a place to lay their head at night without the fear of being attacked, freezing or going hungry.

It is good to see that the city government cares about the less fortunate citizens and is willing to take the actions needed to help these people.


CSU Stanislaus professor