Letters to the Editor

No improvement or advancement

Thank you for the article "Residents fear access headache with proposed McHenry housing" (Aug. 29, Page B-1). It is important that Modestans are aware of this project. As a neighbor, I can tell you that we are looking at a train wreck.

Just imagine even more traffic on Pelandale Avenue, McHenry Avenue, Tully Road and Union Avenue. The environmental impact report suggests that we can direct it through our quiet, family-friendly neighborhood. The study does suggest that we would then need traffic calming devices on our streets to slow traffic.

Do you see the logic? Why take a quiet family neighborhood, add enough traffic to require traffic calming devices and call it progress?

The residents of the Bloomfield and Greenwood Estates subdivisions are concerned for the safety of our children. As it stands now, our children cannot safely walk to the neighborhood park or cross Union Avenue to get to the bus stop. Why would the city allow another subdivision that people can't afford, on streets that are already overcrowded?

Progress means "to improve; to advance." Does this sound like an improvement or advancement for Modesto residents? I don't think so.