Letters to the Editor

Soldiers sacrifice for our freedom

Dreaming of the sun shining, my children rustling about, getting ready for school. My wife makes sure they are presentable before they dash out the door, running for their school bus. Silence fills the house now as my wife and I sit down, smile, sip our coffee and think about the good life God has given us.

The silence is broken by familiar sounds now - let's go, time to earn your pay. You hear some groans, but we have a job to do.

We are American soldiers, the guardians of our country's freedom and protectors of the free world. So many men and women before us have stood up for freedom. Some gave all, and some still wear the scars of battle. It does not matter what your political beliefs are, as Americans united we will not be defeated on the battlefield, or anywhere freedom takes hold and wants to flourish. My dream is thought of every day in parts all over the world.

Yes, sometimes it means we have to fight and die to protect our freedom and way of life, for the present and the future.