Letters to the Editor

Her bad experience with Social Security

In response to "Social Security denies claim" (Aug. 25, Letters): Ten and half years ago I was thrown off a speeding motorcycle. My brother filed for Social Security while I was in the coma (first two and half months).

In the accident my forearms were shattered and my face was ground flat in the big rocks, causing massive brain damage and total loss of memory.

Only with the help of God, Jesus Christ, and many guardian angels was I able to find the right herbs to help me have the ability to re-learn, to be able to walk countering the crazy, dizziness from the head injury and to find a lawyer to help me get Social Security disability.

I had to have a friend drive me (in my truck) three times to Stockton before I ever got Social Security Disability Insurance ($840/month). Took three and half years after I got knocked out of my previous life. This after working 30-plus years of double jobs.

Best of luck and God be with you.