Letters to the Editor

State prisons do not rehabilitate

I was a resident of Stanislaus County for 15 years prior to coming to prison. I am doing four years and two months. I was forced to take a deal; if I didn't my lawyer told me I would do at least 12 years.

Now that I am here, I've seen it all. Valley fever is killing people here who had an out date. Now some will never be able to see their families again. What turned out to be a few years in prison has now turned out to be a death sentence; it's not fair.

I live in a dayroom, not in a cell because the system is now big warehouses. It's not about rehabilitation at all so don't be fooled. It's all about money. Right now we are getting chewed up by biting flies and staff could care less. I've seen many inmates beaten up by staff because staff is overworked and that leads to being very moody. Some of these guys have serious mental problems and they need to be in mental facilities, not prisons. Every chance these people get they are taking something or charging us for things. Our families have to send us food and hygiene products so we can survive and stay clean.

The prison system is a $7.4 billion industry that does nothing except take money from our families and our state. Sure, there are some people who need to be here, but for the most part over half need to be in mental institutes, drug programs and medical facilities.