Letters to the Editor

PG&E wants money back from ex-customers

Unlike those of you who live in the Modesto or Turlock Irrigation Districts, we in the Merced area have had to pay the higher Pacific Gas & Electric rates until a few years ago when Merced Irrigation District started selling electricity. Some of PG&E's customers opted to go with Merced Irrigation District to take advantage of the lower rates.

Now PG&E, with Public Utilities Commission approval, is assessing all those former customers, as well as customers in new developments who never were PG&E customers, a fee to cover revenue which they anticipated receiving from those former and potential customers. Apparently this is legal, as it seems these days anything is legal if you pay enough money to the right lawmakers.

How can the company enforce this assessment, since they can't turn off these customers' power? Well, PG&E has just sent out letters threatening to send them to the collection agency and ruin their credit.

While I am still a PG&E customer, so have no axe to grind personally, this whole thing seems so unbelievable unethical and immoral I feel compelled to write. My question is: Why do not the owners of the company (the shareholders) have to bear the loss as any other for-profit company would if they lost customers to the competition?