Letters to the Editor

Police disrupted her too early for something unimportant

This past Sunday at 7 am, my household was suddenly awakened by a loud banging on the front door. Having just been released from the hospital the day before for major surgery, it took a little time for me to get to the door.

To my utter astonishment, it was the Modesto Police Department responding to a complaint made by my neighbor about a dog barking all night. I don't have a dog and told the officer so. They then wanted to know if I had heard a dog barking all night (I did not) and if I knew who, in the neighborhood might have this deviant animal (I do not).

I would not have minded at all if they were in pursuit of a dangerous criminal that had perhaps jumped over my fence and was running amuck in the neighborhood, but a barking dog?

My question is why the MPD feels that they must wake up people so early on a Sunday morning for such a ridiculous complaint. If they want to question someone, wake up the person who made the complaint and leave the neighbors who have not complained alone.

Better yet, if you are offended by the sounds of animals at night, buy earplugs. They also help with the noisy trains and sirens.