Letters to the Editor

Pay raises should have been front page

I'm sure we all found the article "Governor giving pay raises to his staff" (Sept. 1) very informative. A 22.7 percent pay raise, even a 10.6 percent pay raise in these times, is a significant news story. With the state in a budget bind, spending being cut, people losing their homes at a record rate, giving a 22 percent pay raise should have made the front page. But alas, the story is buried on Page A-7.

Had this been a police officer, firefighter or sheriff's deputy, the story would have been front page news, with a headline implying some sort of impropriety on their part.

Once again The Bee has chosen to show its true colors. So much news, and so little concern for the public's right to fair reporting.

Oh, for a second newspaper in Modesto.