Letters to the Editor

Stop nuclear warhead program

The Reliable Replacement Warhead program is dangerous and unnecessary, and sends the wrong message to the international community. Experts have shown that there is no clear rationale for it.

Now is the time for the United States to take leadership toward global nonproliferation. In this age, when we know so much about the horrific dangers of nuclear weapons, it's hard to believe there are still advocates for the renewal of that program. Don't they realize they are playing with fire, provoking the Russian government to start a new arms race?

Besides, if we are not going to use those arms, as President Bush claims, why go into this enormous expense when so many of our nation's urgent problems should take priority?

I urge everybody with a little common sense, regardless of political affiliation, to write to your congressional representative to oppose the development of new nuclear weapons. Let's wipe nuclear arms off the planet before the planet is wiped out by nuclear arms!