Letters to the Editor

Quote misleads readers about us

In response to "Living on the edge" (Aug. 29, Page A-1) which quoted my teacher, Stephen Valgos, about his pay earnings: It was very rude and disrespectful for you to print that article. The part that says the Central Catholic students believe that "the people who are poor deserve to be poor" is a lie!

Last year the Central Catholic High School religion classes adopted 16 children from various countries and we raised thousands of dollars for them to buy food, clothing and other things they needed. We also do food and blood drives. In September we are doing a heart walk.

I give my teacher props for saving money by shopping at Goodwill and Salvation Army. But the entire school is ashamed of The Bee. We can't believe how bad you twisted up his words and made my school look horrible.


senior, Central Catholic High School