Letters to the Editor

'Islands' lawsuit had merit to it

Regarding "Latino 'islands' lawsuit dismissed" (Aug. 23, Page A-1): I disagree with the judge. Cities and counties do play a role against poor areas of property owners. Why did county officials refurbish one park, but not all parks? Why spend $1.7 million on park improvement in Salida? Why partner with the Salida Union School District and not all districts?

I'm in favor of all cities having district elections for better representation.

The news article said the judge found no "intentional discrimination." Who's kidding whom, judge?

Cities and counties red-line property to call them blight areas. That's how redevelopment emerged; they choose certain areas to get tax increment money from those poor areas, but never had any intention to redevelop them. They use tax increments for their own special projects, such as the Gallo center, and to get cities and counties in debt.

Remember, not everyone belongs in the redevelopment project area, only the poor areas. Property tax money is supposed to go back to rehabilitate the area they call blighted. That's redevelopment law and it is discriminatory if they don't.