Letters to the Editor

Letter writer sets record straight

The writer of "West Park doesn't include plans for homes" (Sept. 5, Letters) needs to get his facts straight. I do not sit on the Patterson General Plan Advisory Committee. James Walker Jr. misleadingly states that the advisory committee adopted a plan to increase Patterson's population to 130,000. He fails to mention that this projected population figure would be over the next 40 to 50 years if the proposed general plan was completely built out.

If Mr. Walker is so enamored with Gerry Kamilos, why doesn't he try to get Kamilos to move his inland port to the closed Hershey plant with its rail facilities et al. in his own back yard and quit worrying about what is going on over here on the West Side? Oakdale, it would seem, would be clamoring for this type of industrial park to fill up the vacant Hershey facility with rail and other improvements already in place. Perhaps the city of Oakdale knows something that Mr. Walker does not.