Letters to the Editor

We don't need more committees

Right after Cathleen Galgiani from the 17th Assembly District voted for another bloated state budget, she proposed a Committee on Cost Savings to share "savings-best practices."

Leave it to a big-government liberal to decide the way to cut a budget is to form another committee. The Assembly already has 29 standing committees, 25 select committees, four joint committees and one special committee. Out of these 59 committees, one of which is the Budget Committee, whose responsibility is to review spending, does it not seem reasonable to assume there already is enough brain power to figure out how to cut wasteful government spending? Another committee is not needed.

Assemblywoman Galgiani should do the job she was elected to do: Spend the taxpayers' money in a responsible and efficient manner, hold the bureaucrats accountable for spending, and stand up and oppose the fiscal budget tricks that make California the laughing stock in financial circles.

The state is running aground financially with a structural deficit that needs fixing, and the time is now for decisive action on the part of our elected officials to ensure our state is run responsibly. That doesn't take a new committee.


candidate for 17th Assembly District


Editor's note: Mobley has announced his intention to run against Galgiani in 2008, when her term expires.