Letters to the Editor

Life isn't fair -- but that's not an excuse

Seems as though once a week there's a letter about how unfair the three-strikes law is.

It is the use of the word "fair" that has prompted my reply to those who feel that their life circumstances (and not their own poor choices) have landed them in the predicament they are in.

I challenge those individuals to read about Dave Pelzer's life. Dave is the author of "A Child Called It," "The Lost Boy," "A Man Named Dave," "The Privilege of Youth" and "Help Yourself." After reading about his experiences of child abuse from ages 4 through 12, followed by his experience as a foster child, I hope the reader will realize how unfair life was for Dave Pelzer, yet he didn't resort to drugs, alcohol or any crimes that would land him in jail.

Another resource is his Web site: www.davepelzer.com. Pelzer's books should be mandated reading for all those who write in about how their circumstances have led them to where they are.

I challenge and encourage the many third-strike candidates to give some serious thought about Dave's philosophy of personal accountability, courage and triumph. In my opinion, that would only be "fair."