Letters to the Editor

Prisoners don't have it so bad

Please! I am requesting that The Bee no longer provide a free forum for criminals to complain. Through their own actions they are incarcerated. Upon becoming inmates, they are provided many amenities.

The criminal receives free housing. I pay $1,800 per month plus property taxes. The criminal receives free medical care. I pay $1,033 per month plus co-pays.

The criminal receives free electricity, water, sewer, garbage and cable. I paid $342.28 for those services last month. The criminal receives free food. My family spends about $800 for food per month.

I pay my taxes so the criminal can receive free legal counsel, clothing, transportation and education.

I could go on and on but I have to go to work. I'm going to request some overtime. Then I can pay for alarm service on my home for when these unfairly treated campers at Camp California are released.

Honestly, Mr. Vasché, I know you won't take away this forum for the criminals to air their grievances. After all, they are entitled to free speech. Sigh.