Letters to the Editor

He found support for book’s conclusions

I have read all of the book “National Sunday Law” and searched out the scriptures in Daniel 7 the little horn and revelation Chapters 13 and 17, and I agree with the book and you will find many other prominent men in history that taught the same thing.

Martin Luther, 1483-1586, founder Lutheran Church. John Calvin, 1509-1564, Presbyterian. John Knox , 1505-1572, Scotch Presbyterian. Thomas Cranmer, 1489-1556, Anglican. Roger Williams, 1603-1683, first Baptist preacher in America. The Westminster confession of faith, 1647. Cotton Mather, 1663-1728, Congregational theologian. John Wesley, 1703-1791, Methodist. And if you look in a 1964 Webster’s Dictionary you will find the same teaching under the heading “Scarlet Woman.”