Letters to the Editor

Crusade dollars were well spent

The letter “All this money spent for what good?” (Aug. 30) claimed the marketing campaign for Harvest 2007 – Central Valley was a waste of money. His estimate of a $30,000 cost may actually be conservative for the size of the campaign; however, his claim that the money would have gone further in fighting poverty is a gross exaggeration.

The marketing blitz effectively reached dozens of communities and tens of thousands of people. This amazing campaign resulted in the gathering of 48,000 people at California State University, Stanislaus, certainly the largest event ever held there and one of the largest events held in our county.

Harvest 2007 offered a major family entertainment event. It showcased God’s love and compassion for everyone. It also gave local Christians an opportunity to witness in their community, whether it was publicly sharing a profession of their faith or simply putting a bumper sticker on their car.

Though just a small drop in the bucket, investing $30,000 into feeding the hungry would be a wonderful act of caring. But launching a campaign to deliver the Word of God to 48,000 people, who will in turn share that with others by caring for the poor and sick, is an investment that will pay dividends for eternity.

Caring for the poor is essential in our world and in our community. Teaching and calling others to do that alongside of us is equally important.