Letters to the Editor

When editors go on vacation

I have to assume The Bee editors are all on vacation and y'all left the Democratic National Committee in charge of selecting content. Thursday's edition carried no less than three items regarding Idaho's Sen. Craig. Nowhere in The Bee was there mention of another Dem scandal involving campaign contributions to our own senators, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, as well as presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Has the hint of John Huang all over again.

Managing Editor Dan Day in a March 25 column wrote, "When I step into The Bee building, I check my personal views at the door. So do my colleagues. We aim to be objective in reporting the news. It's a matter of professional pride."

It's not like this latest Dem scandal isn't news; The Wall Street Journal and The Los Angeles Times gave it full coverage.

There is, by the way, another Hillary scandal brewing. On Friday, at the Court of Appeals in Los Angeles, Hillary's attorney, David Kendall, will argue why his client should not be a co-defendant in the Paul v. Clinton civil suit (www.hillcap.org). We probably won't read about that in The Bee either. Hope y'all enjoyed your vacations.