Letters to the Editor

Yosemite is ignoring its native people

Regarding “Private donors focus on Yosemite” (Aug. 24, News story): Even though we Paiute Indian people are happy that Yosemite National Park is getting millions for projects to fix Yosemite, we also have some big problems with this.

The National Park Service works with the Yosemite Fund, which gets private donations to assist the park. They have been changing the history or erasing the Paiute Indian people out of Yosemite right under the noses of the general public. Using these funds they have put up new interpretive signs that state that our Paiute people are Miwoks and the new Yosemite Visitor center does not have one mention of the Paiute people, yet the majority of photos are of Paiutes.

The Indian Museum in Yosemite has Paiute and Yokut baskets labeled Miwok/Paiute or Miwok/Yokut, but are just Paiute and Yokut baskets. With the funds they are getting Yosemite is conducting a literal historical genocide of the Paiute Indian presence in Yosemite and this is using both private and tax payer funds. We Paiutes will not go quietly into that dark night without a fight.