Letters to the Editor

NIMBY-ism does trouble Sonora

In response to "Mountain Springs would trouble Sonora" (Aug. 15, Letters): It appears this writer feels no one else will or should be allowed to move to Sonora! Yes, Sonora suffers from a lack of proper infrastructure due to the NIMBY (not in my back yard) attitude. Washington Street is congested because several years ago other NIMBY residents convinced the Board of Supervisors not to approve an alternate route around downtown.

The sheriff and fire chief support the design and location of Mountain Springs and the substantial economic benefits the community will provide. Mountain Springs is well-located and provides significant open space, public recreation, road and infrastructure improvements, affordable housing and recycled water for irrigation, in addition to the many economic benefits. Let's stop thinking the issues are going to go away and start responsibly planning for the existing and future needs of the county.