Letters to the Editor

Wine doesn't ruin lives; people do

Regarding "Wine helps ruin many people's lives" (Aug. 23, Letters): Not only is this pastor so wrong, but confused. He should know the phrase "this is my body and this is my blood" -- it comes from the church. So can we blame the Catholic Church and others for letting us drink wine during communion.

People ruin their own lives; the choices they make ruin their lives. No one opens the tap into your mouth. My family has a history of drug abuse. Who do I blame? No one. I tell them everyday it is your choice to live healthy and happy.

The Gallos have been doing things for Modesto for many years and I take off my hat to them. They deserve to make the front page. They are part of Modesto's history and a big part of our community. They help in many ways big and small.